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Automation testing

Please note: Your registration is binding and it is not possible to unsubscribe. If you cannot attend the training, please find a substitute. The costs go to your projects even in case of non-participation.

Automation testing is an extensive topic and during this course you will learn the very basics.

Participants with sufficient programming knowledge should be able to work on a project with Cypress as a Junior Automation Tester under the supervision of a senior staff member after completing this training .

Each participant should have a computer with IntelliJ and Node.js installed.

Who can participate:

  • Programmers or testers with basic programming knowledge (Javascript is an advantage).

Content of the training:

  • Day 1: Introduction to Testing and Automation Testing
    o A refresher on ISTQB concepts, explanation of the differences of manual x automation testing, types of automation tools
  • Introduction to web page structure and API communication 0.5 MD
    o HTML page structure, methods of addressing elements, selectors
    o REST communication with the server, reading server requests and responses
  • Day 2: Introduction to Cypress
    o Installation demonstration, setting up a Cypress project from scratch (participants will follow commands with me), running a test
    o Programming the test API together with checking the response from the server
    o Co-programming a web test with page crawl and structure check
  •  Day 3: Independent work
    o Participants will be given an assigned web page with a defined test scenario to program. They will be provided with acquired knowledge and materials
    o I will be available to mentor them throughout and solve individual problems
    o At the end each participant will show the developed test


  • 5/5
Great training full of useful exercises.
  • 5/5
Trenink byl dobře strukturovaný a srozumitelný, za mě by to chtělo ještě 2. díl nebo 5 dní :), což je ale asi pro ziskovost projektů moc
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