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Business English

Registration: 3. 6. – 23. 7. 2024
Registrations received after 23. 7. 2024 will not be accepted. Registration is valid only if it includes approval from manager.
Start of the lessons: 2.- 4. week in September 2024

Focus on working English with us and find out about the most common situations in which
you encounter in English, or that you encounter in English.
In the course of 18 x 90 minute lessons.

Who will benefit from the course?

  • Your level of English is B1 or higher
  • You communicate in English in your normal working life
  • Your language needs correspond to the above registers of situations and communication channels
  • You are willing to work purposefully and thoroughly on clearly defined language resources

Ordering process:

  • In Tietoevry shop in section “Training” select James Cook Languages. Choose the course.
  • You will need Competence Development project number. (provided by your manager)
  • PO gets approved and language school gets an information about your binding order.
  • Whole process can take some time so don´t postpone the order. In case of any issue, please contact our Procurement.



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