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Introduction to containers

  • History of containers: Advantages of containers in modern architecture, 12 Factor Apps, Concepts behind Docker & containers, Docker architecture, Alternatives to Docker, Kubernetes overview
  • Installation of Docker: Docker local environment, Docker production environment, Production configuration
  • Basic & global work with Docker: Introduction to Docker CLI, Docker system commands, Log collection
  • Containers: Working with containers (create, start, stop, remove), Parameters for docker run command
  • Docker Registry: Docker image distribution using Docker registry, Docker Hub, Private Docker Registry (Gitlab Container Registry, Registry:2)
  • Images: Work with public images on Docker Hub, Dockerignore, Dockefile syntax, Building own Docker Images (Simple images (Python, PHP, …), Multistage images (Java, Go, …)), Docker Buildx – new image build engine, Multiplatform builds
  • Docker Compose: Introduction to Docker Compose concept, Introduction to Docker Compose features, Creating of simple Docker Compose, Creating of a full featured Docker Compose for production & development
  • Metrics & Monitoring: Introduction to Prometheus Stack, Docker monitoring using Prometheus & cAdvisor


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