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  • a two-participant course combining the benefits of an individual approach and group work
  • focus on specific requirements of participants, tailored content
  • Languages offered: English, Czech/Slovak for foreigners, German, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian
  • In case of any inquiry please contact the language school via tietoevry@jcl.cz

You will take a course of 20 x 90 minute sessions or 30 x 60 minute sessions the following language areas and topics of interest to you and your fellow learner.
To the course is beneficial and helps you to improve your language skills, it is a prerequisite for the creation of course is the appropriate language level of both learners (we will check before arranging the course).

Who will benefit from the course?
you have found your language partner at the same language level
● you match your course requirements with a colleague who has the same language level
● you are prepared to work more intensively than a traditional group lesson requires


ENG/GER/CZE 9 600,00 CZK

Ordering process for CZ:

  • In Tietoevry shop in section “Training” select James Cook Languages. Choose the course.
  • You will need Competence Development project number. (provided by your manager)
  • PO gets approved and language school gets an information about your binding order.
  • Whole process can take some time so don´t postpone the order. In case of any issue, please contact our Procurement.

Ordering process for SK:

  • In Tietoevry shop create non-catalogue request.
  • Description: Individual language lessons + the selected language, supplier: James Cook Languages, s.r.o. 
  • Price: 411 – 437 EUR
  • Attachement: Price offer – download here


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