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Emotional leadership

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This 2 day informational and training program specializes on the field of the latest knowledge of emotional and social competences. We believe that by understanding the underlying principles of managing emotions, motivation and their utilization, one can greatly improve the quality of self-management and team leadership.


Benefits for participants

  • Learn evolutionary principles of holistic leadership and self-leadership – new insights and tips on leadership and cooperation
  • Gain understanding on how to work with own emotions and emotions of others – improve goal orientation and have enough energy
  • Understand and learn to use natural principles that lead to greater personal influence and self-confidence. Knowledge that can be practically applied not only for working with emotional energy, but also in everyday situations.
  • Learn a mature way to solve the conflict of needs and unleash all energy from passivity and defense to cooperation and performance.
  • The possibility of increasing personal maturity for the overall growth of the quality of one´s life.

Topics, content

  • How to create a learning environment?
  • How to effectively lead oneself and others?
  • What do you gain from emotional-social intelligence?
  • Change your beliefs and your behavior will change for the better?
  • Conscious attention and how to use it for working with emotions?
  • How to use emotional energy?
  • How to work with inner frustration and thus increase performance and improve relationships?
  • Gain the Empathy “tool” – How to free defensive mechanisms and work effectively with negative feedback?
  • How to maturely fulfill one´s needs and healthily increase personal influence and self-confidence?
  • Use gained knowledge in practice, setting up a development plant.

How does it work?

  • We will show you how to lead in a holistic way and effectively support the creative process
  • You will get simple and the latest insights in neurobiology from the corporate practice
  • You will create ideas, collaborate, present and share personal experience
  • You will be supported to put the application into practice
  • You will get an honest, concrete and personal feedback – to increase self-awareness
  • You will get to know hidden aspects of inner motives – you will improve your motivation skills
  • You will get specific tips for your personal development and personal development of others in your teams
  • You will learn the specific steps to support your development even after the course. An opportunity to further develop yourself and the people around you in the daily life.


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