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Join our 6 month mentoring program EmpowerHer and get matched with your personal mentor to receive all the support you need in your career.
Femme Palette, our supplier, has mentors all over the world to help you explore your options, set development goals, build your network and identify resources you need to level up your skills.

Goals of the pilot program:

Focus on business:

  1. Promote Leadership/Key roles: Encourage women to take on leadership/key roles.
  2. Bulding Networks and Community: Connecting women IT professionals with experienced mentors from IT industry, fostering collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and mutual support for career success.

Focus on your personal development:

  1. Foster Confidence and Self-Esteem: Empower women to recognize their worth and potential, helping them build confidence in their abilities and strengths.
  2. Work-Life Balance and Well-Being: Support women in achieving balance between their personal and professional lives.

Number or participants: 10 +

How to get in?

  1. Step 1 – get nominated by your manager by 30. 4. – NOMINATION IS CLOSED
  2. Step 2 – calibration meeting with a manager and business partner
  3. Step 3 – AON test
  4. You are in!

Time plan:
Nomination by manager:
30. 4.
Calibration meetings: 13. 5. – 24. 5.
AON testing: June
Program kick off: June (will include on-line workshop How to be a good mentee workshop)
Matching mentors with mentees: July/August
Start of the mentoring program: September
Lenght of the program: Up to 12 hours of mentoring with a B2B mentor who signed an NDA within 6 months
Final ceremony: to encourage knowledge sharing between participants [online]

Participants will have access to Premium Yearly Digital Membership (Free online
events, educational resources, 1:1 networking, Slack community, worth 2,199 CZK)

32 000 CZK (7000 CZK AON testing + 25 000 CZK mentoring program)

For more information contact: jana.zencova@tietoevry.com


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