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Enneagram II

Please note: Your registration is binding and it is not possible to unsubscribe. If you cannot attend the training, please find a substitute. The costs go to your projects even in case of non-participation.

Objectives of the program

  • Release limitations by instinctive defensive reactions to personality maturity
  • Improvement in distinguishing between personality types
  • Improvement in self-presentation working with feedback
  • Awareness of the tipping point – what are the key habits to strengthen the quality of my personality

Content of the program

  • Deep awareness of leadership styles
  • Distinguishing between harmful and beneficial habits for each personality type
  • Training to actively engage the centers of intelligence in self-presentation
  • Disturbed instincts and their involvement in communication and practical feedback training
  • Defensive reactions of personality types – implications for quality of personal performance, life and cooperation
  • Personal awareness – which harmful habits do I need to put away
  • Turning points on the road to maturity and specific tips
  • Exercises to develop the observer and higher quality of your personality


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