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Financial management and controlling in IT company with Tomáš Nekvapil


  • Procesní model a základní pojmy finančního řízení – obecný pohled vs. specifika IT sektoru
  • Hospodářský efekt zákaznického projektu: účetní a manažerský pohled
  • Podnikatelské investice v IT firmě: účetní a manažerský pohled
  • Řízení spotřeby vstupů, fixní a variabilní náklady, utilizace a OLE v praxi
  • Řízení výkonnosti IT firmy – plán, forecast, KPI
  • Nákladové modely a kalkulace pro řízení výkonnosti


  • Process model and basic concepts of financial management – general view vs. specifics of IT sector
  • The economic effect of a customer project: accounting and managerial perspectives
  • Business investment in an IT company: an accounting and management perspective
  • Managing input consumption, fixed and variable costs, utilisation and OLE in practice
  • IT performance management – plan, forecast, KPIs
  • Cost models and calculations for performance management



  • 4/5
The training was really good.
  • 5/5
Great training with practical examples.
  • 5/5
Teacher was very experienced, oriented in IT market, he gave many examples from real life, what helped a lot to understood this difficult problematics.
  • 5/5
  • 5/5
I can really recommend that training for everyone, who wants to know more about the economics.
  • 5/5
I really enjoyed the training. The lecturer was exceptional.
  • 5/5
Definitely one of the best prepared and provided trainings I've ever participated in. The lecturer's got deep theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject, he managed to share the info in a friendly, comprehensive and vivid way, comfortable to follow, very rich in content. The lecturer, Mr. Nekvapil, is definitely the key success factor of the course to me, besides his outstanding performance I'd like to appreciate the presented and provided training materials, again rich content in a comprehensive and well-structured form.
  • 5/5
I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent training session. The instructor's extensive field experience and clear communication style made the session highly understandable. The training had a well-structured format and the content selection was thoughtfully done. However, I have some reservations about how this training will translate into practical changes and enhance my understanding of the company's finances. While it served as a helpful review of economics and accounting concepts from my high school and university days, I don't see it directly benefiting my current work process. I strongly recommend considering creating similar training sessions internally using resources from the accounting department in Riga. This would provide us with a greater understanding of how finance professionals work, their primary objectives in comparison to our product's desire for established cost collections, the various financing options available, and how to improve efficiency. I am eager to acquire these skills, as it is currently challenging to find relevant information or persuade the finance department to support our desired setup. BR Josef
  • 4/5
Training was very deep and trainer very well educated, but the training was frontal (not very interactive) and I was missing more breaks (90 minutes or sometimes even more of sharp focus is not possible for me). I would definitely recommend it.
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