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Java bootcamp

Java bootcamp is a preparation program for junior position of Java developer. It´s designed for people who a ready to change their career and join new team.
In case you only want to boost your knowledge in Java and keep your current job, then some other training will be a good match for you.

Bootcamp is not a guarantee for a new job. It just makes it MUCH easier to apply for junior position in Java teams.

Entering expectations:

  • You are willing to move to new team as a junior Java developer
  • Your English is at least on B2 level (upper intermediate)
  • You pass entrance interview
  • Your current manager approves that you will apply for a new position

Content of the bootcamp:

  • Introduction to programming and writing code in Java
  • Program flow control, arrays and loops
  • Classes, encapsulation and object behaviour
  • Inheritance and interfaces
  • List and set, MAP, ENUM
  • What’s new in Java after version 8
  • Exceptions
  • Input/output and using external libraries
  • Databases – relational, object, URM, POSTRGRE SQL
  • Databases – JPA, Springdata, GUI
  • Rest API, Message Queue
  • New in Java after version 9
  • AOP in Spring
  • Logging and WEB Socket
  • Authentication, Authorization, Security and Attacks
  • Testing – JUNIT, MOCKITO
  • Advanced testing and UI testing
  • Security Testing



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