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Linux fundamentals

Are you curious about learning Linux but feel unsure about where to begin? Don’t worry!
This course is perfect for absolute beginners who want to understand the basics of the Linux operating system.
You’ll be guided through step by step, using practical exercises to help you build a strong foundation. By the end, you’ll feel more confident and ready to explore the world of Linux!

Prerequisites: None. This course is tailored for individuals with little to no prior experience with Linux.
Requirements: Participants are required to bring their own computers. Please install Windows Terminal if you are using Windows.


Course Agenda:

Day 1: Introduction to Linux Essentials

  • Installing RockyOS: Get started by installing RockyOS, a Linux distribution. Learn about distributions.
  • Starting with Command Line: Learn the basics of navigating the command line interface, executing commands, and understanding command syntax.
  • Filesystem Structure: Explore the hierarchical structure of the Linux filesystem and understand the organization of directories and files.
  • Manual Page: Discover how to access and navigate through manual pages to find detailed information about commands and utilities.
  • Using Essential Tools: Get hands-on experience with essential command-line tools and utilities for everyday tasks.

Day 2: Working with Files and Permissions

  • Working with Text Files: Learn how to create, view, edit, and manipulate text files using command-line text editors.
  • Permissions, Users, and Groups: Understand the concept of file permissions and how they govern access to files and directories. Learn about users and groups in Linux systems.
  • User and Group Management: Dive deeper into user and group administration, including creating, modifying, and deleting users and groups.
  • Permissions Management: Explore advanced permission settings and learn how to change file permissions and ownership to control access effectively.

Day 3: Software and Storage Management

  • Managing Software: Learn how to install, update, and remove software packages using package managers.
  • Managing Storage: Understand disk partitions, file systems, and disk management commands for handling storage devices.
  • Lab: Configure httpd: Put your newfound knowledge into practice by configuring and managing the Apache HTTP server for hosting websites.

By the end of this course, you will have developed a strong grasp of the basics of Linux.
This will enable you to navigate the command line interface with confidence, handle files and permissions effectively, install and manage software, and set up essential services.
Come along on this thrilling adventure into the realm of Linux!


  • 5/5
Great training with a really enthusiastic teacher! Jan was always ready to help, or to go over the materials again in case someone didn't get it the first time. Even as a complete 'noob' in Linux, I would recommend this training as it was easy to follow and to understand!
  • 5/5
Linux Fundamentals was great bootcamp. Jan has very profi attitude, he is excited, his skill are amazing.
  • 5/5
Perfect training and outstanding lector. Thank you!
  • 5/5
Training was really good. Jan is perfect teacher. Finally I got some basic overview about Linux history and I am able to handle some basic commands which helps me with my daily work on VMware. Course is perfectly set up theory/practice in LAB environment.
  • 5/5
Jan is great teacher, session was interesting and interactive. I enjoyed it a lot! Great session, can only recommend.
  • 5/5
Energetic, very positive. A lot of practical information not only from linux fundamentals. Big thumbs up.
  • 5/5
Good teacher, loved the way he explained ways how to operate in Linux environment :)
  • 5/5
Linux fundamentals workshop was great. It really helped me to understand the basic fundamentals of the OS Linux.
  • 5/5
The course was great entry to Unix world. The lecturer is skilled and way he teaches is good. I would just do it for more days. Maybe whole work week.
  • 5/5
Great training with great lector. More pleople like him. Absolutelz worth it and recommend to visit.
  • 5/5
9.5 /10 - This course has been overachieved my expectations, real top. The teacher [Jan Adamec] shared with us quality content, examples / codes were illustrated superb and transparent way via terminal. Real commands on real problematics. He was well prepared, confident and communicating well (open minded, storytelling with jokes, good and bad examples what he used via his career or experience). Maybe 1 area where improvements could be made a script-book or document with the codes, what we used for the whole course. For some commands would be good to memorize the examples, because we can't mark or memorize everything via this intense course. This is only a constructive advice, not a critic. :)
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