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Managerial basics

Please note: Your registration is binding and it is not possible to unsubscribe. If you cannot attend the training, please find a substitute. The costs go to your projects even in case of non-participation.

  • The workshop helps team leaders to improve a healthy level of self-assertion while better understanding the needs and attitudes of others.
  • It strengthens their natural authority within the team and helps them learn the principles of delegation and feedback to teams and individuals.
  • It provides an opportunity to experience dealing with different types of people and to become aware of what influences an individual’s true, intrinsic motivation.

Content of the training:

  • Team Member vs Team Leader – what are the obstacles and challenges?
  • Results and Relationships – how to keep them in balance
  • Water Tower by MTa: a tactical team game to realize the difference between manager and leader, managing and motivating the team
  • Delegation styles and task parameters – SMART principle in practice
  • Definition of measurable task parameters and principles of intrinsic motivation
  • Delegating a task within a 1:1 framework, dealing with different personality types
  • How to strengthen individual responsibility for the task at hand
  • How to handle criticism and praise? – Giving feedback within the team
  • Increasing the motivation and responsibility of individual team members
  • Measurable and non-measurable performance criteria and their evaluation

Monitored competencies:

  • Leadership skills
  • Setting goals and planning activities
  • Quality of information conveyed
  • Ability to argue and negotiate
  • Conflict resolution
  • Demonstration of natural authority, persuasiveness
  • Giving feedback
  • Motivation, drive to succeed and improve
  • Social skills, sensitivity and respect for others



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