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Medieval fighting: Where legends clash

HMB is a worldwide combat sport called Historical Medieval Battles, which has its roots in Ukraine and Russia. It is a full contact fight combining elements of martial sports such as kick boxing, MMA, wrestling and more. The entire fight takes place in full knightly armour adapted for the sport.

The fights take place in various disciplines, from individual matches – so-called duels or pro-fights, through group fights – bouts, to mass clashes of two large groups all vs. all.

All are linked by one basic rule: in simple terms, you fight while you stand. The fights take place under the supervision of referees, the so-called marshals, in a defined area called the ring, bounded by barriers.

It’s all real and it’s not a rehearsed fight.

All the fighters are dressed in full historicizing armour covering the whole body with modern protective accessories. The weight of this armour starts at 20 kg but reaches up to 40 kg, depending on the materials used. The equipment and rules of combat are very strict and extensive, but guarantee maximum safety and minimum injuries.


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