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Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-104, exam ordering process

All Azure exams are free of cost for everyone in Tietoevry.

Ordering process:

  1. Login to MS Learning experience Platform: https://esi.microsoft.com/ 
  2. Navigate to Microsoft Certifications and find the certification exam you want to take
  3. Press Get Started and you will land to MS Learn, navigate to Required exams
  4. Choose Schedule with Pearson VUE
  5. Log in with your personal email
  6. Provide your personal information to the Certification Profile – Make sure you don’t have any special character/diacritics or symbols on your Certification profile. If there are any, please remove any Special Characters (like äåö ., \! @ # etc.,) from your Name and Address.
  7. Click Exam Discounts from the left-hand side
  8. Type your work email to activate the discount
  9. Claim the discount and book your exam, press Schedule exa
  10. Select Online from my home or office
  11. Accept Pearson VUE terms
  12. Select exam & proctor language
  13. Select time & date – note time zone and 12 hr / 24 hr times

More information on sharepoint: Microsoft Azure certification exams


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