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Python II: Advanced techniques

The course is designed for all programmers who have intro programming experience in Python. In the course, you will learn more advanced elements of the language such as OOP, using generators and iterators, Lambda expressions, anonymous functions, decorators, JSON and many other practical and necessary topics for Python developers.

A quick recap of Python basics
• History and basic features of Python
• Installation and development environment
• Using multiple versions of CPython
• Pure function and variable scope
• Mutability and ummutability of objects
• Using collections
• Use of *args and **kwargs
Collection Comprehensions
• Sheet Comprehensions
• Set Comprehensions
• Dictionary Comprehensions
Modules, packages and distribution of applications (modules and packages)
• Objects, Namespaces and Scope
• Modules
• Packages
• Virtual Environment (external)
• Using Pip
• Freezing
• Using PyPi
• Packaging and Distribution
PPE techniques
• Class o object
• Using self
• Instance methods
• Class methods
• Static methods
• Inheritance, polymorphism
• Properties
• An object like a dictionary
Error Handling
• Exception handling
• Raising Custom Exception
Generators and Iterators
• Iterators, iterables and sequences
• Magic function iter()
• Magic function next()
• Custom iterable class
• Generator function
• yield return
Fundamentals of functional programming in Python
• Nested functions
• Functions as an object
• Keyword non-local
• Closures
• Anonymous / Lambda functions
Magic methods
• String Conversion
• Arithmetic Operations
• Comparison Operations
• Conversion
• Built-in Decorators
• Standard library Decorators
• Custom Decorators
Resources and Persistent Storage
• Work with resources (try / finally)
• Context manager and magic methods enter and exit
• Working with files files (read, write)
• Working with Python pickle formats,
• Key-value database shelf


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