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Security bootcamp

Security bootcamp is a preparation program for Security Analyst in SOC Global team. It´s designed for people who a ready to change their career and join new team.
In case you only want to boost your knowledge about security and keep your current job, then some other training will be a good match for you.

Bootcamp is not a guarantee for a new job. It just makes it MUCH easier to apply for junior position in security team.

Entering expectations:

  • You are willing to move to new team as a junior security specialist
  • Your English is at least on B2 level (upper intermediate)
  • Basic knowledge of security (e.g. how to secure the computer, why to use PIN, token etc.)
  • You pass entrance interview
  • Your current manager approves that you will apply for a new position

Content of the bootcamp:

  • Introduction to Cybersecurity and SOC analyst role
  • Threat intelligence and incident response
  • Cyber threats and attack techniques
  • SIEM and Log management
  • Network security monitoring and traffic analysis
  • Cloud security and endpoint detection and response
  • Vulnerability management and penetration testing
  • Capstone project and final exam


  • 5/5
Everything was just fine. Teacher is amazing. For me it would be better if we have started doing practical lessons earlier but other than that its amazing.
  • 5/5
Everything was amazing.
  • 4/5
Really interesting and engaging course. I would appreciate even more hours targeted at specific tools more in depth
  • 5/5
Nothing wrong can be said about the bootcamp. Marek was a good choice for the security bootcamp trainer. Even when I had no time to join a session due to shifts, he made time for me even out of bootcamp in his free time. Everything was well explained, stress-free and kinda fun. Thanks
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