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Speak up!

Please note: Your registration is binding and it is not possible to unsubscribe. If you cannot attend the training, please find a substitute. The costs go to your projects even in case of non-participation.

The SPEAK UP! program is designed for IT professionals, managers and anyone who frequently speaks to audiences and needs to improve their speaking and persuasiveness. 

  • You will learn to calmly focus on what needs to be communicated, eliminating clichés and “empty phrases”.
  • You will be able to explain a difficult technical solution in a way that everyone can understand.
  • You will become a confident and convincing storyteller who will impress customers and colleagues alike.

Program objectives:

  • To improve presentation skills (rhetoric, non-verbal communication, storytelling)
  • Manage stage fright
  • Engage with your speech – ability to structure your speech clearly and concisely

The output of the program:

  • Video presentation of your team
  • Invitation to the meetup
  • Social media recruitment video
  • Presentation of the current project, reporting

Day 1: To the point please

  • Communication warm-up: what we remember from presentations and what we forget
  • Activating memory and emotions with stories
  • I’m lost in the shuffle
    – Defining presentation objectives
    – Creating a clear, understandable structure
  • Techniques for generating interest
    – Attractive introduction
    – Increasing audience motivation Confident communication
    – Persuasiveness, verbal and non-verbal communication tools

Day 2: Coping with nervousness

  • How does nervousness work and how to get rid of it?
    – Taming stress in critical situations
    – Use stage fright to your advantage
    – Breathing techniques and other tips for calming emotions
  • Rhythm and voice
    – Why you need to know how to be silent or working with silence
    – Control the melody, colour and position of your voice
    – Voice hygiene tips
  • Body language
    – Attractive introduction
    – Increasing audience motivation
  • Minute presentations
    – Highlight the essentials: brevity and structure in communication
    – Attractive introduction and punchy conclusion

Day 3: A story is data with a soul

  • Presentation of technical solutions for different target groups
    – Data visualisation options 4 pillars of business stories
    – What is your “Big Idea”?
    – Using conflict in stories
  • Communicating change and unpopular measures
  • Dealing with challenging audiences
    – Managing discussion and dealing with objections
    – Specifics of online and hybrid presentations
  • Spice up your story
    – The most effective business story structures
    – WOW moments, the ingredients for powerful stories

Day 4: What’s your story?

  • Objective, concept, structure, call-to-action
  • Working with target groups
  • Choosing the right medium
  • Finalising individual projects
    – Script development, introduction, supporting points, conclusion
    – Audio/video recordings


  • 5/5
Great, excellent training. Helped me a lot to improve my presentation skills.
  • 5/5
The training was great because it was not only theory, but rather practical oriented. Learning by doing.
  • 5/5
Great training for anyone who needs to present to talk in front of audiences. 4 workshops were focusing on immediate use of presentation, storytelling and rhetorical skills gained during sessions, followed by immediate feedback from trainers and participants of training. Great quality of delivery and super fast visible improvement in presentation skills.
  • 5/5
We were practising, getting and giving feedback, and practising again. Instantly changing our way of speaking. Great experience and real time learning.
  • 5/5
Really beneficial for me. Interactive and done in entertaining way
  • 5/5
Excellent combination of story telling topics - how to prepare content and how to present it in receivable way + very practical exercises how to get rid of own bad habits and how to improve. Very inspiring, trainers were outstanding. I can only recommend it to others. One of the best trainings I have had ever in this company in last 20 years. Only what could be improved - a stative for camera recordings should be available, printed handout materials, and central repository for all recordings - but these just nice to have things - once these will be in place the training will be perfect.
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