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Stress Management (for non managers)

The Stress Management Workshop is divided into two days where we will focus on practical tips for managing everyday stress not only at work, but also in our personal lives.

  • We will combine various self-discovery techniques such as imagery or describing your own stress reaction.
  • This will include practical practice of techniques and ways to effectively manage stress and strain.
  • The entire workshop will be framed by the most up-to-date findings on stress management from fields such as psychology and neuroscience.
  • Each participant will leave with a summary of ideas and inspirational techniques for dealing with acute and long-term stress and prevent burnout syndrome.

Benefits for participants:

  • Participants will learn about modern theories of stress management, how the stress response originates in the body and how to let it run its healthy course
  • Participants will learn techniques for managing acute stress
  • Participants will learn how to prevent the negative effects of chronic stress
  • Participants will learn practical activities to help stabilize the body
  • Participants will learn how burnout syndrome develops and how to prevent it

Who the workshop is for:

This workshop is designed for anyone who takes a preventative approach to stress management and wants to know practices that can help them with everyday stresses in their work and personal lives. At the same time, the workshop is suitable for all those who are under pressure and are looking for ways to deal effectively with this pressure.

Lecturer: Aneta Haramijová

In her professional career as a psychologist, she has long been involved in experiencing and working with crisis, dealing with stress and the functioning of people in stressful situations. In corporate training she focuses on working with emotions, psychohygiene, crisis communication and dealing with emergencies. He applies his experience from training in psychoanalytic group psychotherapy not only in his own psychotherapeutic practice but also in lecturing.


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