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Team Stress Management (for managers)

This workshop is for anyone in leadership position who is dealing with the topic stress management.

During the 2 days we will focus on practical tips on:

  • how to work with your own stress reactions in the role of a manager, but also
  • how to work with a team that is under short-term stress or long-term working under pressure and uncertainty.
  • We will link a variety of techniques and theories used to recognize the types of stress reactions and how to choose an appropriate stress management strategy.
  • We combine all this with self-experiential methods and exercises, because these are the ones that can equip participants with practical skills.
  • The purpose is to understand how stress affects the leaders, how leaders function under stress and what they could do for themselves to remain effective and stable in the long run.
  • The second part of the workshop is devoted to working with a group in challenging situations to reduce the adverse effects of stress on employees and their job performance.

What will you learn:

  • What stress is from the perspective of psychology and physiology
  • How stress affects the work domain (performance component and relational component)
  • How to manage challenging and stressful times for the team (how to manage negative emotions)
  • How to use basic crisis intervention tools, moderating and facilitating challenging discussions
  • How to work on a 1to1 basis with a colleague who is showing signs of overload
  • How to effectively de-escalate team conflicts

This workshop is for anyone in a leadership position who is dealing with the topic of stress management, either for themselves or their team members.

Trainer: Aneta Haramijová

Aneta Haramija has been a psychologist for a long time and has been working with crisis, stress and the functioning of people in stressful situations. In corporate training she focuses on working with emotions, psychohygiene, crisis communication and dealing with emergencies. He applies his experience from training in psychoanalytic group psychotherapy not only in his own psychotherapeutic practice but also in lecturing.



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