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Please note: Your registration is binding and it is not possible to unsubscribe. If you cannot attend the training, please find a substitute. The costs go to your projects even in case of non-participation.

  • Introduction: Introduction to Infrastructure as Code, Introduction to Terraform, Terraform vs Others & Alternatives, Terraform Architecture
  • Global Configuration: Terraformrc, Environment variables, VS Code configuration (Development Environment)
  • First Terraform Project: Structure of Terraform Project / Repo, Git Ignore for Terraform
  • Terraform CLI Basics: Terraform Init, Terraform Plan, Terraform Apply
  • Terraform Basics: Introduction to HCL (Terraform’s config language), Providers, Resources, Data Sources, Outputs, Count, For each & IF, Provisioners & Cloud Init
  • Outputs: Sensitive data in outputs, Integration Terraform with other tools
  • Terraform State: What is Terraform state (and why is important), Importing resources (to Terraform & state), Working with state (terraform state command)
  • Backend: Usage of state backends, Remote Backends, Gitlab, S3
  • Terraform Modules: Using modules from Terraform Registry, Writing custom modules
  • Terraform Monorepo: Introduction to Terraform Monorepo (for large infrastructure), Example monorepo, Infracost
  • What is Infracost: Price breakdown based on Terraform Configuration (AWS & Azure only), Price change per pull / merge request, Integration with CI (Gitlab CI, Github Actions)
  • Custom Terraform Providers: Why to write custom provider, Example of simple providers


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